Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Burgh Island, Britain's own Bermuda.

This funny little island off the coast of Devon is one of the most beautiful places in England.

You may think that you have never heard of this island, but I think that most of you will remember it from stories. It has inspired stories like "Evil Under The Sun" by Agatha Christie and "Five On A Treasure Island" by Enid Blyton. 

Hercule Poriot and Captain Hastings 
in "Evil Under The Sun". You can see the hotel and the island in the backround.

There is something magical about this island. I for one have fallen under it's spell. I was lucky enough to visit the island last November. My family and I stayed for two nights. On arrival at the coast you are met by staff from the hotel. in order to reach the hotel your method of transport depends on the tide, if the tide is out you travel over in a rather lovely 4x4, and if the tide is in you travel over by sea tractor. So although nervous we all secretly wanted the tide to be in.

Photos of the Pilchard Inn, a view from the island, my Grandad infront of the sea tractor and the hotel. 

After visiting our rooms, which were delightful, we explored the island which didn't take long. You can stand anywhere on this little island and everywhere you look there are views of breath taking beauty.

The back of the hotel, the dressing table in the Hope Suite.
The bar. (The sliver decorations around the bar are mermaids, loved it!) And beautiful open bathroom in Shrimp Suite. 

If the views and hotel aren't enough for you, you can pop in to the Pilchard Inn for a pint.( even if you're not a guest at a the hotel)

Enjoying an evening with my family. My adorable grandparents still in love and still dancing.

it really is the most beautiful hotel and island with fantastic staff that make you feel like Royalty. 

This is me leaving the island, but I hope to return to this magical place soon.

Don't believe me see for yourself. http://www.burghisland.com

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