Monday, 13 October 2014

For a boost of moisture!

Dr organic Moroccan Argan oil restorative treatment

This product is exactly what it says on the tin it's for dry, dull and damaged hair. My hair goes through a lot, from the heat of blow drying to having highlights every 6 weeks.

Like most good conditioning treatments it's a penatrating conditioner, this just means that the conditioner makes it all the way to the centre of your hair. (This is known as the cortex) whereas everyday conditioners just condition the outer layer of the hair.
One of the best reasons to use this is that all the ingredients are natural not like most things where
you don't recognise half of the ingredients. Something I really love about this product and please
don't laugh, but it's the lid. It is a flap lid; sounds rubbish and nothing to be excited about, however when working with conditioner your hands get ridiculously slippery. So trying to screw on a lid afterwards can be problematic.

After using the product my hair feels fully refreshed. Really clean and the ends of my hair feel so much better and looks lush.

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